Disgust and politics

Disgust has been implicated as a potential causal agent underlying socio-political attitudes and behaviors. Several recent studies have suggested that pathogen disgust may be a causal mechanism underlying social conservatism. However, the specificity of this effect is still in question.

The present study tested the effects of disgust on a range of policy preferences to clarify whether disgust is generally implicated in political conservatism across public policy attitudes or is uniquely related to specific content domains. Self-reported socio-political attitudes were compared between participants in two experimental conditions: 1 an odorless control condition, and 2 a disgusting odor condition.

In keeping with previous research, the present study showed that exposure to a disgusting odor increased endorsement of socially conservative attitudes related to sexuality. In particular, there was a strong and consistent link between induced disgust and less support for gay marriage.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Funding: The funds used to pay research participants were provided by a small intramural award — the Connor Faculty Fellowship — from the Department of Political Science at the University of Arkansas, which was awarded to Dr.

disgust and politics

Patrick Stewart. The funders of this award Sandra and Robert Connor had no direct involvement in any aspect of the current study. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

Disgust is increasingly seen as playing an important role in the formation and maintenance of political and social attitudes [1]. Disgust sensitivity and reactivity have been shown to relate to political conservatism generally [2][3][3] — [7] and have been implicated in negative and hostile attitudes towards a range of social out-groups, particularly homosexuals [2][6] — [10]. In keeping with the aforementioned research, some have suggested that disgust is specifically related to conservative attitudes that pertain to social or moral purity [11]and, in particular, sexual purity [4][12][13].

One potential reason for these relations is that disgust plays an adaptive role in preserving individuals from the threat of infectious disease [14][15].

disgust and politics

It has been posited that the Behavioral Immune System, which uses the physiological response of disgust as its first line of behavioral defense, shapes political attitudes and resultant policy preferences [5][16]. Smith and colleagues [2] recently addressed these questions by investigating the relations between disgust sensitivity, disgust reactivity — meaning in vivo physiological reaction to disgusting stimuli — and responses to a range of specific political issue items using the well-known Wilson-Patterson scale [17].

Heightened disgust sensitivity and reactivity were both negatively related to attitudes towards gay marriage and premarital sex but not significantly related to a range of other political issues e. They also showed that, after controlling for demographic and experimental factors, greater disgust sensitivity was associated with less support for abortion. Said otherwise, this study showed that both trait and state disgust predicted less support for gay marriage and premarital sex and trait disgust predicted less support for abortion.

It is noteworthy that, contrary to their predictions, Smith and colleagues failed to show any significant relation between state or trait disgust and attitudes about pornography. This is, however, not too surprising given the limited body of research showing a link between disgust and attitudes about pornography [18].

The moral roots of liberals and conservatives - Jonathan Haidt

Evidence from Smith et al. This limitation was rectified by Inbar and colleagues [3] who experimentally tested the effects of odor induced disgust on self-reported warmth toward homosexuals.

They found that, relative to participants in a no odor control condition, participants in the disgust odorant condition reported less warmth toward homosexuals. These findings are similar to those reported by Terrizzi and colleagues [6]who showed that the induction of disgust caused conservative participants to report a decreased willingness to come into contact with homosexuals. What remains to be seen is if the experimental induction of disgust causes attitudinal shifts for other issues related to sexual purity e.

In the present study we extend previous research by carrying out a true experiment to test the role of induced disgust on the same socio-political attitudes measured by Smith and colleagues. This allows us to test the causal role of disgust on a variety of public policy stances while still focusing on issues of sexual purity, particularly gay marriage.

Moreover, manipulating physical disgust via smell allowed for a continuous induction of the emotion, rather than a brief priming of the emotion prior to measurement.

In keeping with the findings of Smith and colleagues [2]we expected the foul disgust odorant, in this case butyric acid, which smells like vomit, to robustly engage the emotion of disgust and decrease approval of gay marriage.

Smith and colleagues [2] reported weak effects between state disgust and attitudes about premarital sex and also found non significant relations between state disgust and attitudes about abortion or pornography.

Similarly, both Smith and colleagues [2] and Inbar and colleagues [9] reported weak, albeit significant, relations between disgust sensitivity and attitudes about abortion. We therefore expected weak, or perhaps non-significant, effects of our experimental manipulation on attitudes about premarital sex, pornography, and abortion. All participants provided written informed consent prior to participating in any experimental procedures.

An experimenter operated a timed slideshow that displayed experimental instructions while monitoring participants at the back of the room, out of their sight. Participants were assigned to either a disgust odor condition or a control no odor condition. Pads were replaced and the room aerated between experimental groups.Show simple item record.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. Show simple item record dc. Using American National Election Studies data, I show that contact with gays and lesbians, long thought to be the primary determinant of support for LGBTQ policy issues, is not as influential or far-reaching as once thought. Then, using experiments, I illustrate the connection of disgust to contemporary opinions toward LGBTQ people and issues.

I also show that there are significantly different emotional and political responses to different subgroups of the LGBTQ community, namely that disgust reactions are significantly higher toward transgender people than toward gays and lesbians.

I also show that the influence of disgust is significant even when controlling for contact with LGBTQ people, and more influential on policy support than the impact of contact itself. Overall, the implications of the project suggest that people who continue to feel disgust, even after or perhaps because of the attainment of legal marriage equality, may be much more difficult to persuade — in sharp contrast to the conventional wisdom that public opinion toward LGBTQ people will continue its rapid progress.

In short, for LGBTQ politics, the influence of disgust means a very different and more difficult future than both activists and scholars currently imagine. At the same time, understanding how disgust affects beliefs and behaviors can help guide future efforts in understanding public opinion on LGBTQ issues, and can help advocates calibrate their strategies more effectively.

The findings suggest that continued success for the LGBTQ movement — and any other movement that confronts disgust — will require the understanding that disgust influences many beliefs and opinions, even among presumed supporters, and that new strategies based on engaging this difficult emotion will be vital.

Rackham School of Graduate Studies dc. Size: Format: PDF. Search Deep Blue Search query. About Deep Blue Data. I argue that the emotion of disgust has played a critical role in the history of LGBTQ politics in America and continues to do so today as an important and underappreciated source of continued opposition to LGBTQ people and issues.Individuals who experience more disgust also tend to show a higher dispositional preference for order, according to a new study published in Cognition and Emotionwhich could partly explain why there is a positive relationship between disgust sensitivity and political conservatism.

For their study, the researchers analyzed data from six different samples, which included 1, individuals from the United States and Canada. In all six datasets, personality was assessed using the Big Five Aspect Scale, which breaks down each of the Big Five traits — neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, openness — into two aspects.

Importantly, conscientiousness is divided into industriousness and orderliness. After controlling for age and gender, the researchers found that orderliness but not industriousness mediated the relationship between disgust sensitivity and political conservatism. In other words, those who scored higher on measures of orderliness tended to also score higher on measures of disgust sensitivity, which in turn was associated with the endorsement of conservative beliefs.

The major caveat for this study is that it is correlational. Karinen, Hanah A.

Immigration law and the politics of disgust

Chapman, Jordan B. Peterson, and Jason E. Political Psychology New research indicates political conservatism, disgust sensitivity and orderliness are psychologically interrelated By Eric W. Dolan October 9, Stay up-to-date on the latest psychology findings. Click here to like us on Facebook.Jump to navigation.

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Disgust and Politics

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What it grasped was mostly shapeless, just vague ideas. Politics is nothing like a bowl of cherries with a cockroach in it.

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However, if the politician has said anything remotely racist or sexist, to liberals this seems to be a cockroach that should bar them from office, and liberals will often be the loudest to express shock and disgust at conservatives for not feeling similarly.

Of course, many conservatives do, but the tolerance point is clearly set at a different place. Again, some liberals do, but again, the tolerance point appears to be set differently, in general. But beyond vague ideas like that, the analogy falls apart. There are too many examples of people who are happy to vote for a bowl of cockroaches, even if only for a single, juicy enough cherry.

And since politics in the US often comes down to a choice between two imperfect options, I can understand that. The only really concerning part is when tribalism rears its ugly head, and cockroaches are called cherries to avoid admitting flaws, or quietly ignored so as to avoid that feeling of dissonance. It also might reduce the toxicity and antagonism around political discussions, if people are willing to admit to themselves as well as others how imperfect their politicians are, and hold them to a higher standard on both sides.

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disgust and politics

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disgust and politics

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